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Medical German

We have finally launched our Online Medical German language course. This course is for foreign doctors who want to work in Germany and build a career here. The course prepares you also for the Fachsprachprüfung (FSP, the Medical German Exam that each doctor has to pass in Germany).


Years of Experience

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Who are we?

Dr Safa Cansi

Dr Safa Cansi

Lead Consultant, Orthopedic Surgery Resident in Stuttgart / Germany

Safa went through the tedious process of applying for the German approbation and learned all the tricks and downfalls of the process the hard way. He was the Vice-President of Internal Affairs of the European Medical Students’ Association and in charge of all projects and organising the congresses and general assemblies. He is an accredited soft skills trainer and loves travelling, coaching people and good food. 

Dr Jannis Beger

Dr Jannis Beger

Language Course Instructor, Surgical Resident, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Jannis was one of the most active medical students in healthcare policy of his generation and the President of the European Medical Students’ Association for two years. He helps our members to pass their Medical German exams. He is interested in health policy and spends his free time reading books and sailing.

The Approbation4U method


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Career planing with your consultant

In meetings we go with you through the process of application and job search in Germany.



Get the documents ready in order to prepare your application in the most efficient way with instructions from your consultant. 


Get Licenced and Hired

Sent the Application, pass the FSP with our language course and apply for your first job in Germany.


Work as a Doctor in Germany

Language level

You will need a minimum of B2 German level for most Bundesländer for your application.  some even require C1 (general German).


After you application you will need to prove a C1 – Medical German level (mostly through FSP, some states Telc). Prepare with our online school

Aknowledgement of diploma

There are two main ways of practicing medicine in Germany: Approbation and Berufserlaubnis. We will help you to prepare your documents to apply for the full licence (Approbation) or the temporary licence to practice (Berufserlaubnis) should you wish to do that. The Berufserlaubnis can have several benefits but also some limitations that we will discuss and elaborate in detail with you.


Finding a Job

In Germany you apply directly to the hospitals or clinics, if you are interested in a job in that specific clinic. We will help you to prepare the best job application as a doctor and give you tipps and best practices for the ideal job interview and application documents.  

Settlement in Germany

We can provide you with an overview of the residency and visa situation in Germany. Furthermore, you can recieve documents and mail through our office adress here in Germany which we can forward to you to help you save time and get settled. 


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