Dear medical students and young doctors,

We are very excited to launch our long-time-awaited new startup to ease the process of shaping your medical career in Germany. Therefor we are proud to introduce you new approach to medical human resources management in Europe: Approbation4U!

Approbation4U is aiming to coach you on your steps to become a successful physician in the locomotive country of Europe: Germany!

We strive to assist you overcoming the some-times-overwhelming bureaucratic procedures of the beautiful country of Germany roughly in order to receive your medical license, finding a respected job and finalize other procedures such as living-working permit/visa etc.

You will be hearing more from our new approach to medical HR in Europe in very short time 🙂

Appronation4U Secretariat 

Mr Jannis Papazoglou and Dr Safa Cansi are the founders of this new business model. They both have a vast experience in medical politics in Europe, international relations of medical professionals, international acknowledgement of healthcare professionals and European medical professionals’/students’ organizations. You can find more info about their experience under “Your Team” section in our website.


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