Dear colleagues, dear friends,

our bags are packed and ready for the upcoming travel to the EMSA (European Medical Students’ Association) Spring Assembly 2018, hosted in Ohrid, Macedonia, from the 23.03-27.03.2018, which will be attended by Approbation4U this weekend.

We, the two co-founders, Dr Safa Cansi and Jannis Papazoglou will be giving a presentation to the EMSA members on the structure and recent developments of the German health care system, EMSAs past policy activities in the area of free movement of doctors and cross border health care and also an overview of the young history of the startup Approbation4U and steps you can take to get the German Approbation or Berufserlaubnis if you want to work as a doctor in Germany.

Free movement of doctors, cross border health care and more

Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to be present with a sponsor stand and distribute our freshly printed leaflets and cards to interested EMSA members and directly engage with medical students interested to work and live in Germany as a physician.

On Sunday the 25th, Jannis Papazoglou, the CEO of Approbation4U will also deliver an inspirational talk in EMSAs MEDxEMSA talk series with the topic “Veni. Vidi. Dixi. How I found my voice” on how he grew as a public speaker in his mandate as EMSA President in the years 2014-2016 and elaborate with the audience how they can improve their public speaking skills.

We are very much looking forward to interesting discussions on health policy, questions on career building, capacity building and to expand on our new partnership with EMSA Europe, and of course we are looking forward to meeting old friends and making new friendships and partnerships.

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